Plastic Free Me

I always thought I did my bit for the environment. I try to recycle packaging and I walk to work.

However, after watching Blue Planet II I realized how much more I need to do…

An estimated 12.7 million tonnes of plastic end up in our oceans every year. Large pieces of plastic are entangling sea creatures while smaller pieces are harming marine life who mistake it for food.

We can bemoan the large corporations for using too much packaging but change starts at home. By reducing our own plastic waste, we can shift opinions and force big companies into change.

But the problem is that plastic use is so widespread and the biggest problem is with single-use plastic.

From coffee cups to straws to makeup wipes to teabags…


50% of the plastic we use, we use just once and throw away.

Today is the start of my journey to plastic free.

The UK throws away 2.5 disposable coffee cups every year so my first step has been to buy a reusable one. I have tried to reusable coffee cups before but I’d always found they either leaked around the seal or they were too big for my handbag.

But there is plenty of room in my bag for my new coffee cup as it collapses down.

So no more excuses…

cup4    cup5

Plus I will now be able to get discounts or double loyalty stamps at all of the major coffee chains!

With love ♥